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13.1 Half Marathon Bumper Sticker

Show off your pride with the 13.1 stickers, or your 26.2 bumper sticker. Heck, you can even get them for the 5k, the 10k, and more.

So many people see these decals on the backs of car windows and wonder "what is a 13.1 sticker for? What does it mean?" I partly blame that on the boring style of most of these stickers, and the lack of information, and partly on the lazy society we have become. Myself included. If you never eat healthy, and someone showed you a salad, you would say "what's that green stuff?"

I'm the first to admit that I had no clue what this meant. I've seen the 13.1 and the 26.2 versions. If people are so eager to show off their accomplishment, I wonder why they pick the bland version you see here.

If I wasn't such a piece of garbage and actually cared about my health, then I would choose one of the cooler ones seen below, as I hypocritically judge from atop my soapbox.

13.1 sticker half marathon oval black and white bumper sticker. Black and White basic oval 13.1 sticker.

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The 13.1 Bumper Sticker

The decal shown here, is only one of several different styles to represent the half marathon. This is a 5" x 3" basic black and white oval. Kinda boring really, but it's the most common and famous one on Amazon. To see all versions, click through the following link: Browse all 13.1 Sticker options here.

What 13.1 Bumper Sticker Means:

You may be asking "what does 13.1 sticker mean?". The 13.1 sticker meaning is quite simple, it is a reference to the distance ran in a half marathon. A full marathon would be 26.2 miles.

This exact 13.1 Sticker is the 13.1 Oval Half Marathon Run car bumper window sticker 5" x 3". These stickers can be placed on most surfaces, but they are best for the window of your vehicle so you can show off the fact you were brave enough to run a ha;f marathon. After some more training you can aspire to completing the full marathon then replace the half marathon sticker with a full marathon sticker. Read More...

13.1 Bumper Sticker Pros:

Great positive customer comments that you can read through the links on this page. Good durability, and looks exactly as advertised.

13.1 Bumper Sticker Cons:

As for the exact 13.1 sticker shown here, there is only currently one bad reviews out of many. The one negative comment suggested that it was cheaply made, but you can read all reviews and decide for yourself.

13.1 Bumper Sticker Styles and Sizes

131 im only half crazy stickers. Rectangle black and white bumper stickers that go on any window surface to show off the fact that you bravely completely the half marathon.

Other 13.1 sticker versions are available such as this "13.1 I'm only half crazy!" stickers. This one is a rectangular bumper sticker with black lettering on a white background.

pink oval 13.1 stickers. Same message but a bit more colorful and unique.

Another 13.1 half marathon sticker available is this here pink oval version. It still doesn't really say what it's for, or answer the question of what 13.1 means, but hey, at least you will catch the attention of more people. You can find the stickers shown here as well as many others through the provided links above.

Runners marathon checklist car decal.

Maybe you have done far more than just the marathon, and you want to keep track of them all, or more like, you want to show off to other drivers. This one is a checklist of your completed running events.

Of course you could always lie, and just say you did it. There's no law saying you have to do the run in order to have these decals and stickers on your vehicle.

Check off the completed runs, such as the 5k, 10k, 13.1 half marathon, or the 26.2 full marathon.

0.0 mile ran oval black and white marathon car decal

Hey everyone, I just found one that's a little more my speed. At least it's very honest anyway. Same oval shape, and boring black and white color scheme.

Only one small difference. It says I ran 0.0 miles. Don't make me convert that to kms for you.

26.2 skull head marathon car window sticker

This one is an accurate depiction of what I would look like after completing the full 26.2 marathon. I couldn't find the same skull head decal with the 13.1 on it instead, but trust me, the results would be exactly the same either way for me.

The skull is 6", so just a little bit taller than the oval ones. One interesting side note about this one, it comes with a "practice' sticker, in case you screw up the first one I guess.

They also mention that they should generally last around 7 years. I assume the other decals I discussed would be rated about the same.

Chrome half marathon 13.1 sticker Chrome half marathon 13.1 sticker

If you failed to get the full marathon done, you could always make up for it with a shiny chrome 13.1 decal. I'm not sure if this still counts as a "sticker" at this point.

proud 10k runner decal sticker

Maybe you are not quite ready for the half or full marathons yet. The 10k run is still impressive. There's not as many cool options for the 5k and 10k stickers. I guess you will have to just keep training so you can get the fancy ones.

140.6 pink ironman marathon decal Now from one extreme to the other. I am guessing that this sticker only applies to a much smaller amount of people reading this. If this is you, then congratulations. Next stop, Navy SEAL for crying out loud. This is the 140.6 ironman, or ironwoman, just to be fair, sticker. Other than the pink color, it's kind of plain like the other ovals, but when you do 140.6, you can be as boring or exciting as you darn well please. Who am I to say?

Helpful Marathon Running Related Resources

Since these stickers are for long distance runners, here are some resources for runners that I hope you may find helpful or useful.

I found a good Pinterest board with tips and useful information about marathon running here. A good way to stay motivated via Twitter, is to follow this marathon person here.

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