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1920s Candy

Mini Baby Ruth jars like the one you see here is just one of hundreds of types of 1920s candy you will find through this source. All kinds of 1920s candy is available from this source. I randomly picked one out for example purposes here.

The 1920s candy shown here is a big jar full of mini Baby Ruth. This is a tub weighing 2.5 lbs containing approximately 103 pieces of candy.

You can find various different quantities and SKUs of Baby Ruth and other candies from that era from this source. Unfortunately, the decade box feature is unavailable for the 20s, but you can get other decades in that way.

This comes from a well known and reliable source that I have personally shopped from. The selection of 1920s candy or other decades is massive. Browse through them all.

1920s candy baby ruth jar

check price of the mini baby Ruth and other 1920s candy.

Rekindle your childhood enjoyment of candy, or buy someone for someone much older than you.
For some reason they are not currently offering the decade box for the 1920s decade. The decade bulk candy boxes are only being offered for the 1950s candy and on.

Stuff Happening During the 1920s:

The 1920s were well known as the “Roaring 20s”. In Europe, it was known as the “Golden 20s”. The economy was running along great in the post world war 1 decade. That is, of course, until 1929 when the market crashed.
The 1920s brought us the television, the electric razor, the first selective jukebox, and a process for frozen food. We also saw the introduction of the 1920s candy .
Babe Ruth in 1920 posing for the New York Yankees.
Babe Ruth in 1920, was a really big baseball superstar.
Agents destroying liquor barrels during 1920s prohibition.
Agents disposing of liquor during 1920s prohibition. Alcohol was illegal, but fortunately candy was not.
1920s wall street crash.
Wall street 1929 during market crash. Probably not too many people thinking about candy at this very moment.

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