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Most Common 1930s Candy and Where You can Buy them Today

You can't mention 1930s candy without mentioning the most popular 1930s candy bars of all time- the Milky Way and Snickers. These two chocolate bars were created in 1930, but they are still sold at convenience stores today.

The most common types of 1930s candies were the Snickers bar, Milky Way Bar and York Peppermint Pattie (called a "Candy Cane" in 1931). These chocolate covered bars became so popular that they overtook Cadbury as America's best selling candy during 1930s!

Of course you can go to here to find most of these candies (Amazon has everything these days pretty much), however, a really fun website to browse and buy 1930s Candy is from

This site has all kinds of old and nostalgic candies and snacks and you can even sort by decade. It's quite amazing. They also sell gift packages.

Most Common Candy from the 1930s (Mostly the United States)

  • Snickers Bars doesn't seem very exciting because they are still very commonplace in today's world and you see commercials every day. Not very nostalgic but it's still a very interesting historical fact. 

    Here is what Snickers bars packaging looked like in the 1930s.

snickers bars from the 1930s packaging.

  • 3 Musketeers Candy Bars were first manufactured and released to the public in 1932. They were sold as a 3 pack, hence the name. During the war, they had to knock that down to a single due to rationing. 
    source 1
    source 2
    old 3 musketeers chocolate bar box from the 1930s

  • 5th Avenue Bars are still being made today, and yes you can still buy them online.
    Here is a vintage package of 5th Avenue Bars from the 1940s.
    5th avenue bars packaging from the 1940s vintage candy.

  • Boston Baked Beans are candy coated peanuts that were introduced in the 1930s by a company called The Ferrara Pan Candy Company.

    boston baked beans candy

  • Clark's Zagnut Bar has a toasted coconut coating. First brought to market in the 1930s.
    vintage box of clark's zagnut candy bars from the 1930s.

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