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1930s Candy

Chick o sticks 1930s candy example of available candy from the dirty thirties.

check price of the Chick o sticks jar of candy here.

1930s Candy!

Many types of individual 1930s candy can be found through the following link: Browse All 1930s Candy here.

One example of available 1930s candy, is the jar of chick-o-sticks that you can see here. Again, this is just one example that I pulled out of a whole bunch that you can browse through on your own. Read More About Them or Buy Them Here!

1930s Candy Pros:

Ships internationally in most cases. lots of thirties era candy to choose from. Reliable and trustworthy source that I have personally shopped from in the past. One cool thing about this company is they will include an ice pack to the shipping packaging in hotter weather to ensure that your candy won't melt. This is a good thing for chocolate and other items of that sort. The last thing you would want is to wait several days for a candy shipment, then receive a box of melted mess.

1930s Candy Cons:

The decades gift box of assorted candy from a single decade is not offered for the 1930s decade. They start with the 1950s for those kits.

More 1930s Candy

3-musketeers 3 Musketeers Bars You can buy 3 Musketeers bars individually like you see here, or in bulk boxes. These are "whipped up" bars with a rich chocolate flavor, and a marshmallow creamy inside.
5th Avenue bar from Old Time Candy Company 5th Avenue Bars You can also get these bars individually as you see them above, or in bulk boxes and save money. The 5th Avenue Bar is a milk chocolate candy bar with a crunchy peanut butter filling.
Big Cherry 1930s chocolate treat. Big Cherry The Big Cherry bar is an actual whole cherry inside of milk chocolate, as you can see in the cut in half bar shown above. The entire thing is surrounded with chunks of peanut.
Boston baked beans theater sized box Boston Baked Beans Boston baked beans are basically just red candy coated peanuts that look like baked beans. A tastier way to eat peanuts.

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