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3D Display Frame

The 3D Display Frame from “Z Access” is a very cool and weird product that displays your three dimensional items safely.

Looks just like a regular photo frame. What makes this display frame unique, is the rubbery frame “coverings” that stretch and form to shape around your object. Kind of like a shrink wrapping process.


3d display frame

check price of the 3d display frame here.


Display your precious items easily!


What’s great, is the 3d display frame can be reused many times. The rubbery “film” does not take a permanent shape of the object.

It sucks in tightly around your object, then goes right back to being straight again if you wish to replace the item with something else.

z access display frame baseball

Here you can see a vat19 example of how you can use your 3D Display Frame. In this case, you can seal up a signed baseball or any other valuable or sentimental collectible.

Check out the 3D Display Frame here!

3d display frame step by step instructions
Using and setting up the frame is quite simple.
Open the frame up, place your item of choice on one side and position it where you want it.
Then close it up and put on the two clips that hold it shut. The 3D Display Keepsaker has a removable “footing” piece that can go on either side, thus making for a horizontal or vertical display.
The relatively small amount you pay for this product may pay for itself over the long haul because you will be protecting your valuables from damage.
You will be able to quickly display items that would otherwise end up hidden in a closet or drawer collecting dust. No need to pay for expensive framing and display services.
Re-usable material, so you are not stuck using it only one time on one item. You can display is vertically or horizontally.
The rubber film takes the form of the object, no matter how weird they are shaped, so you do not need to worry about getting the right size.
I also really love the company that these are from. Click images or links above to check it out or to buy them.
While this frame will fit most standard collectibles in the typical household, obviously it will only hold objects within the size of these particular frames.
At the moment, they do not have a different size for much larger collectibles, however that may change in the future.

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