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Baby Shower Cap

baby shower cap

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The baby shower cap is goofy looking but very effective with plenty of positive customer reviews. The one you see above is just one type available. Browse through all styles through the following link: ...Browse All baby shower caps here. The baby shower cap above is the blue Susen cap. It is a baby bath hat that is gentle on the child's head and is re-sizable up to around 6 years old. This shower cap is perfect for keeping water and soap out of your child's eyes making the bath time experience less stressful for you, and more enjoyable for the little one. This one is blue, but it also comes in pink. You can see more images and product information through the following link: ...More details about this baby shower cap here!

Pros: Most customer comments and reviews are positive although rather mixed. Keeps the soap and water out of the face and eyes of your child.

Cons: While the reviews do lean to the positive side, there is also a healthy dose of negative reviews. Some customers mentioned that the baby shower cap they received did not look the same as the one pictured, and the material seemed cheap and flimsy. Read all reviews and judge for yourself.

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