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Temporary Baby Tattoos

Don’t worry, these baby tattoos are not real and they are safe. They are FDA approved and wash off with soap and water.

These ones come in a pack of 12 brightly colored temporary images. The best baby shower gift ever!

temporary baby tattoos

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I browsed around, and there are not too many sources that sell temporary tattoos for babies specifically like the ones shown here.

Your baby can be tatted up with 12 temporary tattoos, including the image of a diaper that says “spank me”(seen in the image above), a couple of spiked soother tattoos, a couple roses and anchors. Of course, this baby tattoos collection would not be complete without the cliched “mom” tattoo. For more cliches they also include the barbed wire tattoos.

My favourite is the pirate tattoo that says “Open up and say Arrrr!”

These Baby Tattoos come with the following items: 1 12 pack of Baby Tattoos You will not require needles and a tattoo gun, operated by a drug induced metal head who is one hit of acid away from a mouth frothing overdose.

You will have the coolest baby at the playground with these temporary baby tattoos.

People who do not recognize these as fake baby tattoos, may lump you into the same category as the lady from the following news story that happened recently. Although, there seems to be debate on whether this story is true or not. Here’s the gist: In Albany, New York, a woman was turned in to the police by the babysitter of a 9 month old, after she discovered the baby had real tattoos. Obviously, the child was in severe pain and was crying constantly. Apparently, she was drunk and used the baby as tattoo practice. source of the news story here:

temporary baby tattoos close up package

Here is a better look of the temporary tattoos you will find inside the package. You can see the various clever baby related tattoos.

The spank me tattoo with a diaper, the cliché Mom tattoo, some spiked soothers, and various others.

baby tattoo sleeves onesie Another cool idea to give your baby temporary tattoos, is by using a tattoo sleeves onesie like the one you see here. Makes your baby look like he or she is tatted up without the mess of actual temporary tattoos. Check out more images and details about these onesies by clicking the image.

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