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Bacon Alarm Clock

This silly Bacon Alarm Clock will allow you to wake up to bacon every single day of the week, even if it’s not on the menu.

Typical every day alarm clocks just wake you up and make you grumpy. With the bacon alarm clock, you will still wake up grumpy, just for a second until you realize “this sucks, it’s time to get out of bed but I’m not done sleeping yet, but oh well, that’s ok, because BACON!!”

This silly alarm clock raps and dances too!

bacon alarm clock

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Many people have reported being quite satisfied with this bacon alarm clock. It is great for any bacon lover, and makes for a perfect gag gift.

It tells time and has a loud enough musical alarm to wake up anyone from a deep sleep.

Some people have reported receiving bacon clocks that don't work and they were sent back.

However, some of those people reported that the new one was shipped to them quickly and it worked fine. One common complaint is related to the fact that these are battery operated, and the batteries do not last very long as the alarm clock tends to drain them rather quickly.

The song that is played is somewhat long. Also, the clock does not show well in the dark, and most satisfied customers mainly bought it as a goof gift not meant to be relied upon as an actual alarm clock.

You can read through the reviews and judge for yourself. bacon air freshener

If waking up to a bacon alarm clock is not enough for you, and you require much more than audible bacon, you can also smell it as well.

This is bacon air freshener that you can hang in your car, or hang up in your closet to turn the stench of your jock strap into the scent of sizzling bacon. Click the image for more details and reviews.

bacon gift bag

Once you have selected your collection of bacon products, you may need a clever way to package it all up and gift it.

Here is a bacon gift bag to put it all into. Click the image for more information and pricing.

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