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Bacon Toothpaste

bacon toothpaste

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Seen above is more than just bacon flavored toothpaste, it's an entire kit for all your oral hygiene needs. However, you can browse through a whole bunch of other similar products, including cupcake flavored toothpaste, through the following link: ...Browse All bacon toothpaste products here. As mentioned above, this is an entire bacon toothpaste kit. You can buy the bacon toothpaste as a stand alone product, but this kit includes bacon flavored floss, and bacon flavored toothpicks. First, eat the bacon, then pick the chunks out of your teeth, then floss with the bacon floss, then cap it all off with a refreshing bacon flavored tooth scrub. This same source also sells cupcake flavored toothpaste, bacon flavored lip balm, bacon popcorn and much more. Follow this link to check it all out: ...More details about this bacon toothpaste kit here! Pros: An obvious gift for bacon lovers. You can't really go wrong with this product as a gag gift for a bacon lover, because if it actually tastes great then it was a good gift, and if it does not taste good, it still makes for a funny gag gift that they will enjoy in good humor. The customer reviews are vastly positive and you can read through the all through the links on this page. Cons: If you are not purchasing the bacon toothpaste as a gift, and it is for yourself, you may be taking a gamble with the taste. Everyone has a different taste preference and there is no guarantee you will like it.

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