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Beer Holder Belt

The Beer Belt is a great gift idea for the boozer in your life. Why get up for another beer, when you can carry around a six pack around your waist. You can get these in camouflage, nylon or black.

The Beer Belt will hold 6 cans of anything. Take your 6 pack wherever you go. This one is the camouflage beer belt. Keep you beer with you while you hunt, or blend into your camo couch while watching reruns of “Glee”.

beer belt

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Makes for a great gag gift for any beer lover or alcoholic in your life, whether they actually use it or not.

Best case scenario, they actually get plenty of use out of this thing. Worst case scenario, they never actually use it, but it gets a lot of laughs upon the giving of the gift. Either way, you can't really go wrong.

Good positive reviews on these by people who have purchased them and used them. These beer belts come in a whole host of colors and designs to match it up with the personality of the person receiving this.

One customer pointed out that the beer can holders could have been designed to be a bit smaller to hold the cans a bit tighter.

They are just a bit too loose and sloppy.

beer hoodie gray

Just like the Beer Belt, the Beer Hoodie, (also know as the “Beer Pouch Sweatshirt”), is a humorous and practical way to carry around your booze. The beer hoodie comes in medium, large, XL, and XXL.

ez drinker beer holder

If carrying around a 6 pack is not enough for you, you can carry around a 12 pack with this bandolier styled beer can holster. This holder gives a bad ass military style look to your party experience.

This beer can holder is called the EZ Drinker and is adjustable and and comfortable for most people. You can click this image to see more images and details about this holder and a variety of other unique beer can holding devices.

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