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Biometric Gun Safe

A Biometric Gun Safe is also known as a fingerprint Gun Safe. The term derives from the fact that you are using biology, in this case, the fingerprint to identify the owner of the case.

This way, only the owner of the gun safe can open the vault and retrieve the weapons inside.

biometric gun safe

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There are many available Biometric Gun Safe options on the market today. What is shown here is only one example and you can browse them all through the following link: Browse all Biometric Gun Safe options here.


In the case of the exact Biometric Gun Safe you see here, this is the BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe. Read more about them, or buy them here.

All kinds of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. This particular Biometric Gun safe shown here can be programmed for up to 140 different personal fingerprint Identifications.

Pilot holes on the bottom corners allow for anchoring securely to the floor. Great solution to properly secure your weapons responsibly and legally, while at the same time allowing for quick and easy access for emergency situations.

Not much for major flaws or consistent customer complaints. You can read through the reviews good and bad through the provided links on this page.

gunvault pistol gun safe

If the larger sized rifle vaults are too much for you, and you just need something small for your pistol, you can get these biometric pistol safes.

Just he right size and dimensions for your pistol and is built of very tough steel exterior for extra security. While the exterior is tough, the interior has a foam lining so as to not damage your precious hand gun and other valuables and accessories.

Click the image to read more details about how this pistol vault works and all the locking and security features.

stack on biometric personal safe

Since your gun is not the only thing you might want to keep secure, you can get a general use personal vault like this Stack On version shown here.

You can keep a small gun and accessories, as well as a variety of other valuable belongings in here with a separating shelf.

You can program up to 32 different fingerprint codes to add other people in the home to have equal access, or you can program just the one fingerprint for you and you alone.

Click the image for more details and pictures of this one or other biometric gun safes.

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