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Blinker Fluid Prank Jug and prank videos

Warning, if you start watching Blinker Fluid prank videos on youtube, you will not be able to stop because they are hilarious.

Blinker Fluid Prank Explained:

Usually the way it works is by printing off a very authentic looking coupon from the internet, then handing it to an unsuspecting victim, then send them into the store or gas station with the fake coupon. Turn the camera on and wait for the embarrassment to ensue.

Here's one example of a blinker fluid prank compilation to get you started on your journey.

To me, the funniest ones are when they actually come back with the right stuff. I guess enough automotive and hardware stores have caught on to the trend and make sure to stock these products on their shelves. However, I bet they hand out a ton of refunds! 

Blinker Fluid Prank Jug video.

Realistic looking Blinker Flui prank jug. Good for 6000 blinks.

Prank Jug of Genuine Blinker Fluid

8oz Jug with handle. Prank Blinker fluid. It's Maximum strength, good for 6000 blinks!


Realistic looking jug of Blinker Fluid. Good for 6000 blinks.

To take the prank to the next level, with an actual 8oz jug of blinker fluid. Ok, it's not actually blinker fluid because that doesn't actually exist. However, it is a real jug with a professional and convincing commercial design on the front. Although, I find it funny that someone wouldn't notice the image of gears being lubricated on the side of the jug. Where would the gears be on the signal lights?

If I were AutoZone, I would stock some of these in the store to complete the prank full circle. Most of the fake prank coupons online are for AutoZone, so they probably get tons of these suckers coming in asking for it. They could make extra side money, essentially selling air.

Yes, these are empty bottles, in case you were wondering. They are nothing but air. So in order to pull off the prank, you need someone who doesn't pay attention to the light weight of the jug, or they are gullible enough to go get you a blinker fluid refill for you.

A great way to prank the most mechanically inept person in your world. Blinker fluid is good for 6000 “blinks”, because it's not the cheap stuff, it's the maximum strength version. When lubricating your signal lights, you should never settle for less than maximum strength.

More details here...

Prank Headlight Fluid Oil Jug

gag gift headlight fluid prank jug.
headlight fluid jug prank buy on amazon.
Headlight Fluid gag prank gift. Looks like a real jug of motor oil.

Another similar idea, just a different design, and it's for headlight fluid instead of signal light fluid. Same idea. Once again you are buying a jug of light weight air, so it will only trick some unobservant people.

Another purpose of these prank jugs would be a funny gift for the automotively challenge family member or co-worker at the office. It's a great way to make fun of them. You could also use it as a bad gift for secret Santa, or white elephant gifts. More Details...

More Funny Blinker Fluid Stuff

I know the blinker fluid and headlight fluid gag has been around for a long time, but I admit, I didn't first hear about until more recently when I was watching an episode of Red vs Blue. They sent the new guy out to get some elbow grease and headlight fluid, because he's an idiot, and he fell for it of course.

Watch the clip here.

Oh, and speaking of elbow grease, I remember when I was a kid, I had to wipe something tough from the counter and I asked her if we had something to clean it with. She said just a little "elbow grease". I went and looked under the cupboards, saw nothing, came back and asked "where is the elbow grease?" She laughed of course and explained that it is just a figure of speech.

With that being said, I did an amazon search and found this...

elbow grease hot formula
Hot Formula elbow grease with a warming sensation.

Have we been using "elbow grease" as a joke this whole time, and it actually exists? or, did the makers of this product have the brilliant idea to name it after the joke?

Either way, I don' think this "hot cream" would work very well to clean off your hard to clean cupboards. As far as I know anyway. Buy some and try it out then comment below to let us all know how it goes. More Details...

More Prank Ideas

Interested in more gag gifts or prank packaging ideas? There are tons of these types of phony packaging tricks out there on the web. I did a post earlier here about prank packs. Check them out, they can be a blast for birthdays or at Christmas time.

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