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Boon High Chair

The Boon High Chair is a baby highchair I wish I had when my kids were younger.

It kind of reminds me of a child like barber shop chair. These innovative baby chairs comes in a few different styles.

boon high chair


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Browse All Boon High Chairs here. What makes the Boon High Chair great is three main features.

First off, the cleanup is far easier than a typical high chair that has all kinds of annoying cracks and crevices. The sleek design of this chair eliminates a lot of those issues.

Also, you can use a button with your foot to allow the chair to be adjusted up and down for your desired height. Great for adjusting to the level of your table. Another good feature is the mobility with the castors on the bottom to roll it around effortlessly, and without damaging your floor.

You can apply brakes to make sure it doesn't roll around.

Plenty of positive customer reviews to read through. Very easy to take apart and put back together for cleaning and wiping.

Easy to use lift that can raise your child up to the table like a big kid. Perfectly safe for most floor types and won't scratch it up.

A bit high on the cost side, but might be worth the money if you can do it. Several people mentioned that the up and down lift did not work that great for them. Read all reviews good and bad and judge for yourself. boon high chair disassemble demo

As you can see here, the Boon High Chair comes apart, and reassembles for very easy cleaning.

The genius of this high chair that sets it apart from others, is the fact that it is designed without all those pesky nooks and crannies that get filled with food and general spillage.

boon high chair girl in kitchen

The Boon High Chair can secure a child from a small baby up to a larger toddler. It is safe and secure using a five point harness.

Adjust the pneumatic up and down lift to any height you want, by simply pressing the foot button. You can also lock the base into place so the wheels do not roll while in use. The wheels on the base will not ruin your nice floor.

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