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Beer Bottle Cap Launcher - Bottle opener that Also Shoots Bottle Caps

Surprisingly, your friends don't think you are too annoying yet. Push them over the edge with these bottle cap launchers. Aim for the most sensitive areas of the body and fire away.

It's a beer bottle opener as well as a bottle cap gun. I guess it doesn't have to be beer necessarily, but you get the idea.

These are simplistic keychain devices that are not complex at all. You literally just use the hole as a bottle cap opener, then press the button to launch the cap.

It's a small keychain that fits in your pocket, so you will always have it at the ready when you need it. I've always said it's better to armed and not need it, than need it and not be armed. Wait...we are still talking about a keychain right?

Anyway, it's an effective bottle opener, so it's useful to have even when you are in an environment where it's inappropriate to launch bottle caps. Just avoid pressing the button, and granny won't lose an eye at the family reunion.

Bottle Cap Launcher in Action

Here is a fun demonstration video of the bottle cap launcher.

  • Annoy your friends
  • Practice your aim
  • Invent a new drinking game
The claim is that they shoot over 5 meters. Some reviews say it barely comes close.

    Where to Buy the Bottle Cap Launcher

    The best place to get the beer bottle cap shooter is from Amazon. They had the cheapest ones with the best reviews.

    Check the current Amazon price here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny commission if you were to click it and buy something on Amazon at no extra cost to you. Thanks.)


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