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Bottle Cap Tripod

Never be without a tripod ever again. The bottle cap tripod fits over the lid of most bottles.

Some people may ask what the point of this is, and why not just bring a small tripod. I would suggest that one good reason would be the saving of space. If you are packing to go somewhere and you, chances are you will have a drink of some sort with you anyway, and this way you eliminate the tripod from the equation, which means one less item to pack, and thus less space used.


bottle cap tripod

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I actually own one of these myself. I have the green version. The black part of the tripod that connects to the bottle cap does not screw on, but rather it's a rubber flexible cover. This way you can snugly fit the rubber base over most standard sized bottle caps without worrying about matching threads. This also makes it quick and easy to get over the top of the bottle.

There are some types of bottle caps that are much too large for this to fit over. These bottle top tripods can pivot 15 degrees in any direction on a circular base. Also, the threaded bolt that protrudes out the top of this tripod should fit most cameras. They are much like USB cables and ports in the sense that it is a standardized size.

However, you may want to double check the specs of the bottle cap tripod as well as the specs of your particular camera to be sure. The good news is that even if the above bottle cap tripod from vat19 does not suit your needs for any reason, you can also visit amazon for other competing products.

See examples below. polaroid bottle cap tripod

Polaroid also makes a similar competing product as you can see here. Exact same concept but made by Polaroid. You can find these by clicking the image for more details and pictures.

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