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Boyfriend Pillow

The boyfriend pillow is a very popular product that serves one simple purpose. That is, to keep the lonely people company. This is not just any regular pillow, this pillow hugs back...sort of.

It is shaped like one half of a guy, which is especially good for the acrotomophilia. It has an arm and hand like extension to mimic a boyfriend having his arms around you while you snuggle up. If this pillow is serving a temporary purpose while you are away from your loved one, you could borrow one of their shirts to use as a pillow case so you can include the sense of smell to the overall experience. 

the boyfriend pillow


Here you can see it being demonstrated. You can select a color of shirt, which is also a pillow case, upon ordering. Cuddle up with a boyfriend that won't move around, won't fart in bed, and is a great listener.

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