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Bubble Wrap Calendar

bubble wrap calendar

check price of the poster sized bubble wrap calendars here.

Bubble Wrap Calendar!

You can get this bubble wrap calendar from a few different sources. Check out all the bubble popping, and other types of goofy calendars through the following link: ...Browse All bubble wrap calendars here. The bubble wrap calendar shown here is an O.C.D person's dream come true. The satisfaction of popping the bubbles from bubble wrap packaging is a very strong and unavoidable thing. This calendar is actually a tall poster sized calendar. I couldn't find any regular wall sized ones, just this tall version. This one is the 2014 version, but I assume they will continue to update the product every year. These bubbles are larger for a heavier pop. You might have to fight the urge to just pop all the days at once as soon as it ships to you. With any kind of luck, maybe they will also include regular bubble wrap in the box that the calendar comes in so you can pop those while you wait for the next day. The individual days are printed with large lettering and indicate some major holidays. See more images and product details through the following link: ...More details about this bubble wrap calendar here!

Bubble Wrap Calendar Pros:

Great fun for pretty much anyone. I have never met anyone who hates to pop bubble wrap bubbles. Makes for a unique gift idea. Relatively inexpensive.

Bubble Wrap Calendar Cons:

I could only find this large poster sized one which is fine if that's what you want, but unfortunately there are no smaller wall hanging calendars. So if you have kids, and you can't hang it high enough, you will probably wake up one morning to find that they are all popped before you even get a chance to. Tall poster sized bubble wrap calendar The tall poster sized calendar is taller than a small child as seen in this image shown here. You can get your bubble calendar 2015 version or any other year right away by clicking any of the links or images on this page.

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