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The Infinite Bubble Wrap Phone Case

Bubble wrap is addicting, and our smartphones are addicting. It's a perfect marriage of the two. Lord knows we are not distracted enough already by the phone itself, now you can get satisfaction from the case too.

You might get strange looks if you are pulling actual bubble wrap from your pocket and and popping them while company is over. If it's a part of your phone case, nobody will suspect a thing.

The Infinite Bubble Wrap Phone Case

You can get this basic clear bubble wrap style one you see here, or you can choose from a whole host of different styles, textures, colors, shapes and more. 

Infinite Bubble Wrap iPhone Cases Examples:

This is not even remotely close to a comprehensive list of bubble wrap cases you can get online these days, but it's a sample of the most popular ones.

Complete List of Available Bubble Wrap Phones Cases (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a bit of the transaction if you click and buy anything, at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

Rainbow Colorful Popping iPhone Case

colorful iphone case popping bubble wrap style.

You can get this case in most iPhone styles. Pink, Yellow, Light Blue and Purple striped case. 

Colorful Fidget Popping Phone Case with Ears

colorful fidget phone case with ears.

Basically the same as the previous one except this one has ears. These are silicone buttons that feel good to press, but honestly, I'm not sure if they feel quite like actual bubble wrap. Still satisfying though.





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