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Burrito Blanket

Go stuff this blanket that looks like a burrito. You are the main ingredient. Be original at the next picnic with a burrito blanket. With a 5 foot diameter, it is plenty large enough for both kids and adults. In fact, you might be able to wrap yourself up with your spouse and make a soft crust love taco.

Believe it or not, there's actually a practical use of the round design besides the fact that it looks neat and shaped like food. If you are tanning, you don't have to re-adjust the direction of your rectangular towel, you simply just need to re-adjust your body.

Zen Life burrito blanket

Burrito Blanket for Kids and Adults

These are great for picnics, the beach, or just lying around the house. As an added bonus, the soft microfiber material is machine washable, however you need to read the label carefully and wash gently and dry on low.

Another note about washing them, you can accidentally spill food on it, and it will look like it belongs there, so feel free to eat real messy Mexican food like tortillas, enchiladas, tacos and more. If you spill some, nobody will notice.

As an extra bonus, it is definitely gluten free!

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More Food Blanket Options

Not in the mood for Mexican food today? Maybe you could take another look at the menu at the other food blanket options.

Pizza Beach Blanket

large pepperoni pizza beach towel blanket
Large Pepperoni Pizza beach blanket or towel. See how big it is compared to the woman in this picture.

Another giant picnic or beach blanket that will make your hungry stomach growl. This is a large sized pizza blanket. It's a terry cloth material beach blanket that looks like a large pepperoni pizza.

It's %100 cotton and you can use it as either a towel or a blanket. More Details...

Watermelon Beach Blanket/Towel

watermelon blanket with tassels
A large sized multi purpose watermelon blanket with tassels.

Well now that we have dinner all taken care of, how about a little bit of dessert. What's better than cold watermelon to cool you off in the hot summer sun?

This one claims to be thicker and more durable than the blankets we discussed above. Also a bit bigger at 60 inches diameter. In fact, this one is designed with tassels around the outside edge for a decorative touch. Between the tassels, and the overall higher quality of material, you can use this for more than just a blanket. It would make for a good area rug or sofa covering, or just about anything really.

If you need something that serves a drying purpose and not just something lay on, then this one is great as it has a high absorption rate, so it's a towel as well as a blanket. The other ones are too, but this one is probably the best for drying, and the others or more for laying on and tanning. More Details...

Burrito Blanket for Babies

baby blanket burrito blanket
Baby sized Burrito swaddler blanket.
We have the naughty couples and spoiled adults in general taken care of, but what about the babies? When you think about it, when you swaddle a baby, it's kind of like wrapping up a big burrito anyway. This one also comes with a matching little burrito hat. It is made with half cotton and half polyester. It is designed to be safe and breathable for maximum comfort. Burritos are good warmed up, but not so much for babies. More Details...

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