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Adjustable Burrito Swaddles for Newborn Babies

Cute, But Isn't There Already a Bunch of These Selling on Amazon?

Yes, sort of. You have seen burrito blankets for adults and burrito swaddles for babies, and you have seen Velcro adjustable swaddles to keep babies nice and snug. However, you have not yet seen the two concepts combined.

You may have noticed elsewhere on this weird products site, I did a post about burrito blankets and other funny food related blankets. I got to reading some of the comments on Amazon for those other burrito swaddles. Most were positive, but I noticed something interesting about the ones that were negative:

They left irritations on the back of the babies neck, as they are technically not designed for that specific shape. If you think about it, a burrito swaddle is just a mini version of the larger round burrito swaddle. Usually baby swaddles use square or rectangular fabric, not round and leaving a weird excess piece of fabric at the neck area.

People commented on how easily the baby would wiggle free from the swaddle. You can't fault the manufacturer of the burrito swaddles, as this is an issue that has plagued parents who swaddle since the dawn of time.

Invention of the Adjustable Burrito Swaddle

These two main factors first lead me to the genius idea of inventing a Velcro adjustable baby swaddle! Only to discover, it's already been done. In fact the market is saturated and it was probably invented long before I was even born. BUT WAIT! I didn't see anyone combine the two concepts yet. The Velcro adjustable swaddle with the Burrito Print. Voila! The creation of the official first product that is made by the site brand... and now I have a garage full of them.

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