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Candy Lips

Candy Lips have been around for a long time and are now made in different ways by different brands. The Candy Lips shown here are just examples of what is available.

candy lips motor mouth

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 The Candy Lips example shown here are the Motor Mouth Red Candy Wax Lips. This is a 12 pack of the lips. These are considered to be an edible toy. 

The exact candy lips from the 70s. Many other types are available besides this one. 

Just like any edible item, everyone has different taste preferences. Most people have reported that these taste great, but there are others who felt that these particular candy lips tasted and smelled bad. 

gimbals sour pucker up gummy lips

These are Gimbals's sour pucker-up gummy lips. These are from a 1 pound pack of 68 candy lips. The package will come as an assortment of 3 different flavors, including cherry red, pink watermelon, and strawberry. 


lolly valentine chocolate candy mold

You could make your own chocolate candy lips at home by using lip shaped candy molds like the ones you see pictured here. This is a pack of 5 lip shaped chocolate molds by the Cybr Trayd brand.  these and other similar options. brachs jube jel cinnamon lips

Yet another version of candy lips are these cinnamon candy lips from the Brach's brand. You can get these jube jel cinnamon lips in 10 ounce bags. The cinnamon flavor in general is not always a popular flavor, but if it is your thing, then these valentines kissable lips candies could be perfect for you. .

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