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Car Air Purifier

car air purifier check price of the car air purifier here.

Shown to your left is just one of several examples of car air purifier options available from this source. They come in a range of styles and qualities. I am showing the car air purifier with the best customer ratings here, but feel free to view them all through the following link: Browse all Car Air Purifier options here.

The car air purifier seen here is the Wagan Ionic Air Purifier. It plugs into your vehicle’s lighter socket. Read more about them, or buy them here.


Pertaining to the car air purifier depicted here, the reviews are mostly positive. These are very inexpensive. Does not require the changing of filters. Chemical free.


Most of the reviews were positive about this one, but there are a few comments by people who felt that it simply did not remove any smells. You can read all the reviews yourself on this one, or check out some others through the links on this page.

sharp plasmacluster car air prifier This is a purifier that can be held in your car's drink holder. Made by Sharp, this is the high density plasmacluster ion generator. You simply plug this into the car's lighter outlet to power it. Switch between two different fan speeds with an easy one touch operational system. These purifiers run very quietly. Click the picture for more product details and images. moso natural air purifying bag The car air purifying options shown above are electronic and require that you plug them into the car's power source. In the case of this pillow like product shown here, no electricity is required. This is the Moso natural air purifying bag. It is a linen sack that contains bamboo charcoal. You can set these anywhere where it stinks to take the odors away. Good for up to approximately 90 square feet, which is good for cars, and other small spaces like closets or bathrooms. The bamboo charcoal will filter out the smells. Once a month, they recommend you leave these sacks out in the warm sun to rejuvenate the filtering action. Once you are done with the Moso pillow, and it no longer serves it's purpose, you can slice it open and dump the contents into your garden. Apparently the contents of these bags are great for plants. Find more details about these, and see other colors offered, by clicking the image.

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