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Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers, Beef Jerky, Powder and more

The Carolina Reaper is supposedly one of the hottest chili peppers in the world. I can't confirm this because there is no possible way I would try this. To put it into perspective, these peppers are estimated to be 220 times hotter than typical jalapeno peppers. 

I'm sure I'm just a wimp and there's plenty of you reading this right now that could handle this stuff just fine, but for the average person, I believe this stuff is quite extreme.

You can try the Carolina Reaper on it's own, or you can try a bunch of other spicy products that use the Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper.

Let's talk about some of what's available.

Where Can I Buy the Carolina Reaper Pepper?

All of the Carolina Reaper Products I am about to talk about below can be found and bought at vat19 here. (This is an affiliate link which means I would make a tiny commission if you click on it and buy something from vat19, at no additional cost to you. Thank You!)

The Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper



 Straight to the source. Show them who is boss by biting directly into the Carolina Reaper pepper directly. 

Or if you are feeling really brave (otherwise known as "stupid"), you could attempt to challenge the 14 reapers in 1 minute, done by this crazy person here:



Carolina Reaper Spicy Pickles

Regular dill pickles with various spices in it, but more specifically, Reaper Peppers. 

spicy reaper pickles

Carolina Reaper Popcorn

That hot date at the movies is bout to get a lot hotter. Spicy in fact. Ass Kickin Carolina Reaper popcorn is microwaveable popcorn with crushed Carolina Reapers sprinkled onto it.

I'm not sure how you would stay quiet during the movie with this stuff in your mouth. Make sure to have extra soda within arms reach.

On the plus side, you could feed this to your friend who doesn't shut up during the movie. 

ass kicking carolina reaper popcorn

 Carolina Reaper Pebbles Candy

Hard spicy candy that looks like Nerds or Dweebs. Oh boy, that gives me an idea. Actually, never mind, it would be way too mean. Don't do it!

Definitely do NOT ever, under any circumstances, trick your friends with this candy and roll around dying on the ground with laughter as they start to cry and try to punch you, but they fail to do so because they are too distracted by the burning sensation inside their mouth.

carolina reaper spicy candy.

Carolina Reaper Ass Kickin Beef Jerky

Hand this to your friend and say "Try this. It's my first attempt at homemade jerky. Did I add a bit too much salt?" You will acheive 2 things here.

1. You will get to witness a repeat of the candy prank from before and get tons of laughter out of it.

2. You will find out who your real friends are, and it's not who you think. If they hide their pain and say nice things about it to be polite and not hurt your feelings, this is actually a bad sign for your relationship. A true friend will call you a stupid jerk and try to hit you really really hard. And unlike the previous attempt with the candy incident, this time they will actually connect, as they are really getting tired of your nonsense!

ass kickin carolina reaper beef jerky

Carolina Reaper Powder

Wanna add Carolina Reaper to whatever you want, and not be constrained to society's strict rules! Now you can be a rebel and put that stuff on whatever you want. Nobody can tell you what to do. You're not going to be held down by the man...MAN!

carolina reaper powder shaker

Carolina Reaper Coffee

Is there a Carolina Reaper coffee? I looked high and low, as I figured there has to be, but alas, I could not find any. If anyone out there knows of it, please contact me and let me know.

In the mean time, you could always add a bit of Carolina Reaper powder to your coffee and see how that goes. When I say a bit, I mean, a TINY bit. Let the rest of us know how that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper and Products:

Will The Carolina Reaper Spicy Pepper Kill Me?

No, the Carolina Reaper will not kill you. You would have to consume an unrealistic amount of the pepper to overdose on capsaicin (the element found in the pepper that makes it hot and spicy).

Where Can I Buy Seeds to Grow my Own Carolina Reaper Peppers?

A great way to grow your own Carolina Reapers is with a plant growing kit. I found this great pepper growing kit with everything you need for the whole process.

Where do you suppose I found it? That's right...Amazon of course. This particular kit comes with seeds, planters, and instructions to grow Carolina Reapers and Ghost Peppers, but you can get kits for just the Reaper if you want. 

The price for this kit was not too bad when I checked last, but you can check out the current price here.

carolina reaper and ghost pepper plants growing kit on amazon.

If you don't need all that fancy stuff and you just want to buy Carolina Reaper seeds online, here is a resource list to buy them. 

 How Long Does it Take to Grow Carolina Reaper Peppers from Seeds?

It will take an average of 95 Days to grow Carolina Reaper Peppers from seed. Follow the instructions carefully for optimal results.

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