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Carpet Sliders for Shoes

carpet sliders for shoes check price of the carpet sliders for shoes here. Carpet Sliders For shoes are carpet skates for indoor skating. The ones you see in the promo image above are the Simtec Funslides.

They strap to your feet easily with a Velcro strap. You can use carpet sliders for shoes, boots, socks, bare feet, upside down on your hands. Whatever you are in to! Too warm out for ice skating? Too cold to skateboard? Either way, Carpet Sliders for shoes will be a thrilling solution.

Nowhere to run? Nowhere to hide? Wherever there is carpet, blast off with Fun Slides! Amazing carpet skates that glide, slide, or decide! More fun than socks on a polished wood floor! Slide on super smooth plastic secured with “loop and hook” straps, shock free foam, and elastic. Safely zoom across any size room. Recommended that you walk normally down the stairs for safety reasons. Gripper grooves provide traction, and you control the action. Play hockey on carpet, or figure skate on carpet. Safe for any carpet. Available for virtually every shoe size.


Gives kids something to do when the weather is bad outside. Universal sizes that fit most foot sizes, so you don't have to worry about getting very specific with sizes, and they can be borrowed by other people.


Not everyone lives in a home that would be ideal for these. These will only work in an environment with plenty of carpeted surfaces. These could potentially be dangerous for kids if you have dangerous items that could be bumped into, or stairs that they could easily fall down.

zgliderz carpet gliders These are a competing brand of carpet skates by Z-Gliderz. Two straps wrap around your shoes or feet and away you go! Perfect for skating around indoors, or carpet dancing and other fitness routines. These come in three different sizes that will span a number of general sizes. Click the image for more details.

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