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Cashel Daddle Saddle

The Daddle Saddle by Cashel takes the horseback ride to a whole new level. They call it the “Dad Saddle” but of course, you can use it if you are a Mom, uncle, aunt, or creepy next door neighbor.

Grandparents probably should not try it unless they have really strong backs.

cashel daddle saddle

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The Cashel Daddle Saddle

Yes, you could just give your child a horseback (aka piggy back) ride without a fancy toy saddle, and go bareback, but it’s just not the same. Your little cowboy or cowgirl and feel like they are riding a legit horse with a saddle.

The Daddle Saddle has soft pillowy (plush) versions of all the features of a real saddle. This includes the stirrups which can be size adjusted, saddle horn, and the latigo strap. The latigo strap is the part that straps around Dad’s shoulders comfortably.

The durable cotton material makes it machine washable, which is very handy.

One interesting and very handy aspect of this saddle product is the fact that it is machine washable, so don't worry about it getting a bit dirty when Dad is muck about the house with the little ones.

Recommended for ages 2-6 but of course this all depends on the weight of the rider, and how wimpy Dad is.

Read more about the Daddle or buy one here.

Funny Parenting Products

prank crib dribbler box

There are currently not really any other Dad saddle options or competing products to show you, so instead I present to you another child related humorous product you may be interested.

If you are not interested in buying it, but it at least gives you a giggle then my job is done here. This is called the Crib Dribbler. It is not a real product, and there is nothing in the box.

What you are buying is a prank gift giving box to fool someone you know. Perhaps it would make for a great baby shower gift. Click the image to see more information about this prank box and other similar prank boxes.

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