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Cat Butt Adult Coloring Book

Since this is the angle of your cat you see most often anyway, you should be a pro at get the right contrast and coloring detail on each cat butt. 

A funny gift idea for the cat lover in your life. Adult coloring books have been all the rage these days, so why not get category specific with it. 

Every Cat Butt Coloring Book Discussed Below can be bought or PDF downloaded from Amazon here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a small commission if you clicked and bought something at no extra cost to you. Thanks)

Cat Butt Coloring Books You Can Buy Online: Paperback or PDF Download

Cat Butt: An Off-Color Adult Coloring Book for Cat Lovers

catt butt coloring book off color

This one is the most popular, likely due to it's simplicity. You get butt holes, cute cats that surround said butt holes, and some abstract patterns in the background to keep calm and do some coloring.

 But of course that is not the only Cat Butt Hole book available. No, this is the 21st century. A good joke can't just die on the vine after one simple layer. The joke has to be taken and driven into the ground.

As a side note, just think, somebody had to come up with this idea, make serious designs, and have it manufactured at a print factory somewhere (probably China).

Anyway, here are some more Cat Butt themed coloring books.

Cat Butts In Space (The Feline Frontier!): A Coloring Book

cat butts in space cover coloring book.

That's right, we just went from Cat Butts in your face, to Cat Butts in Space (and probably still in your face).

Cats-tronauts and Cosmo-naughty Kitties. Bad puns. I tried. 

Why you would have an entire space suit but expose your butt hole, I really don't know, but have some fun coloring it in with "Cat Butts In Space (The Feline Frontier!). 

To save you the trouble, here is a graphic of every Cat Butt themed coloring book available from this particular Val Brains book line.

all val brains cat butt themed coloring books

The Val Brain Cat Butts Coloring Books line includes:

  • The Cat Butt (A classic original)
  • Cat Butt Christmas (Very Festive)
  • Cat Butt Hanukkah (Very Inclusive)
  • Cat Butt Birthday (Butt Holes and Balloons!)
  • Cat Butt Halloween (Spooky!!!...and more Butt Holes)
  • Cat Butts in Love (Romantic...and more Butt Holes. I'm sensing a pattern here)
  • Cat Butt...or? (Very mysterious...but mostly still Butt Holes)
There's more funny coloring books as you can see in the image, but that pretty much sums up the cat butt ones.


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