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Cat Paw Chair Socks - Cat Feet for Protecting Floors from Chair Legs

You have to protect your floors anyway. Might as well be creative with it. Give your furniture soft cat paws, with these 4 packs.

They are surprisingly tough enough to hold up to wear and tear for years of use.

Protect your floors from scratches and also reduce noise as they slide smoothly and evenly over the floor.

Confuse the dog by making your furniture look like gigantic cats. 

Where To Buy Cat Paw Chair Socks

I don't know about the "best" place to buy these cat chair socks, but the funnest and coolest place is from Vat19 here. It's my favorite site for cool stuff when you need a break from getting everything from Amazon.

However, that being said, Amazon does have some more cat paw chair sock options to choose from. 

Check out all the Cat Paw Socks on Amazon here.

More Cat Paw Chair Socks Options

36 Piece Set of Cat Paw Socks for Chairs and Table Legs

This is a set from Amazon. 36 pieces. A bunch of different cat paw styles. Spread them out around the house. kitchen table and coffee table legs, chairs, couches, end tables and more.

36 piece set of different cat paw styles for chair and table legs to protect your floor.

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