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Catchable Bubbles

Finally, someone came up with a recipe for bubbles that don’t pop. These are touchable bubbles that you can catch and stack and play with in your hands. If left alone, they can last for hours, and in some cases even days.

Catch-able Bubbles can come in a handy key chain test tube design. Very portable. Take it with you wherever you go and show off your no pop touchable bubbles that don’t pop! Use the screw top bubble wand and blow!

catchable bubbles

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Touchable Bubbles!

Catch-able Bubbles may not be the most unique thing on this website, given the fact many of you have probably already seen this product before. However, popular or not, it is still pretty weird.

Especially for most of us who grew up with bubbles that popped without even touching them. These catch-able bubbles are bubbles that don’t pop when you touch them with your fingers.

The chemical solution is stronger than the soapy stuff you are used to, thus making these “touchable bubbles”. You can catch the bubbles that are produced from the “test tube” shaped container, and do all kinds of things with them. Hold them, shape them, and stack them.

I remember seeing “no pop bubbles” being demonstrated in the gift shop of our local Science Center. The gift shop worker was blowing them around the store for the customers and kids to play around with. It was a great time.

This particular version of catch-able bubbles comes in a key chain that is shaped like a small test tube.

When they say that “touchable bubbles” are “bubbles that don’t pop”, they really mean it. If you blow them, them let them slowly drift to the floor, they will just sit there until you step on them. They may just sit there or roll around the floor for days!

Of course, when they say they are “no pop bubbles”, this is assuming you don’t crush them with your fingers or feet or something. They are not exactly made of steel or diamond.

uncle bubble touchable bubbles

These are pretty much the exact same thing discussed above, but from a competing brand.

These are the Uncle Bubbles brand of test tube touchable bubbles. Once again, the bubble solution is contained within a wand with a twist cap. You can read all reviews for both products and compare and decide.

You can do that, or see more product details, by clicking the image you see here.

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