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Chew Chew Train Dinner Set and Princess Platter Dinner Set

Make dinner more fun and interesting with the Chew Chew Dinner Set. It's fun for kids, but also very handy as the pieces won't get lost, they all go together and stay together after you wash them. We will also take a look at other similar kids play-ware sets, like the castle for example.  

chew chew train blue dinner set put together.
This is the blue Chew Chew Train dinner set from the Funwares brand, all put together.

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What the Chew Chew Train Dinner Set Comes With

The Chew Chew Train is a creative way to serve dinner to the kids, but it’s also a space saving way to organize the kids’ dinner plates and dishes. This is a complete set of kids’ dishes organized in the shape of train.

Made up of the following 6 pieces (7 if you count the bowl lid as a “condiment tray”):

  • Cup: Makes the engine of the train. Holds 14.3 ounces. The handle is the “steam”.
  • Bowl: Square bowl with a lid. The lid is not reliable enough for transport, but you could remove it and use it as a “condiment” tray.
  • Plate: The long red rectangular base of the chew chew train (purple on the other one).
  • Tray: Square red tray (purple on the other one) that sits inside the plate under the cup.
  • Spoon: Snaps onto the pegs at the side of the wheels on the right hand side of the chew chew train.
  • Fork: Snaps onto the pegs on the left hand side of the chew chew train.
  • Bonus: The lid sorta doubles as a tray to put condiments, dipping sauce, or other little side things.

Here's the Chew Chew Train Pieces all Laid out

chew chew train laid out with the individual pieces explained.
Here you can see the individual pieces and how they all fit together.

You can see how it all fits together, and get a better understanding of the individual pieces. The hard plastic material makes it quite easy to wash, as long as you wash it relatively soon after use. It is also made with a strong and durable dishwasher safe material. Yes, you heard me right, these are dishwasher safe, making clean up that much easier.

Pink version of the Chew Chew Train Set

Pink chew chew train girl's set, all put together as a train.
The pink, purple, and white version of the Funwares Chew Chew train.


This one is basically the exact same Chew Chew train as the one seen above, and is also from the Funwares brand. The only difference here is the pink and purple colors to market to a more "girly" audience so to speak.

Of course, nobody is saying a girl can't have the blue one and vise versa, but I have a daughter, and yes, she would probably prefer the pink one. More Details...

Princess Platter Castle Dinnerware Set

The princess platter assembles into a fancy castle.

Similar to the Chew Chew train concept, this one is called the princess platter.

This is another ingenious kid's dinner set by Funwares. Rather than the dishes assembling to become a train, this one assembles to become a princess palace. Just like the train, this is durable material that kids can't break, and is dishwasher safe.

The castles stand approximately 9" tall, which is something to consider if you have organization and space issues in your kitchen cupboards.

This set includes the following pieces:

  • Condiment plate - I'm not sure what this part of the castle would be called. It's the purple hexagon shaped piece with the purple cone shapes. I think that's where the guards would stand to shoot arrows at incoming intruders. They call it a condiment plate, but you can do whatever you want with it. Ketchup for dipping, or just extra bonus space for snack pieces.
  • Sectioned Dinner Plate - This is the base, or the very bottom of castle. It's a dinner plate with sections to keep all the different foods in their own segregated little section. I know most people don't like their potatoes to touch their peas. For me, it doesn't matter. I always get made fun of at the dinner table for mixing and mashing all my food into one giant ball of goopy awesomeness.
  • Bowl - This is simply the main section of the castle where you would walk into through the giant front doors. After you get past the moat full of alligators of course.
  • Fork and Spoon - Both the fork and the spoon make the two towering pillar things. I think this is where they hide Rapunzel.
  • Cup - The cup is the upper level of the main castle piece. I guess this is the bedrooms and stuff. There is a lid piece, but just like the Chew Chew Train set, I wouldn't trust the lid for traveling. It's not meant for tossing in a backpack sideways and going to the zoo. It's simply just an "around the house" type of thing. More Details...

The Knight's Meal Dinner Set

knights meal funwares dinner set for boys.
The knights meal is a similar castle design, but blue for boys.

Just like the princess platter shown above, this is very similar in concept, but this is the knight's meal dinner set.

This image shows the castle all laid out in it's various dishes. The princess platter pretty much has the same dishes but the design is slightly different. Read more details about this dinner set and other kid's dishes by clicking this image and others on this page. More Details...

More Fun Kids Dinner Play Sets

Are the dinner sets discussed above a little bit too elaborate for your needs, but you still want something cool at the dinner table for the kids? Here are a couple other options for you:

3 piece fire engine dinner set.

3 Piece Fire Engine Kids Dinner Ware Set

Less pieces, and you don't get to piece anything together. However, this is a very cool Fire Truck dinner set that comes with a plate sectioned off into 3 areas, and a for & spoon set. The fork and spoon has a little toy fire truck for a handle. More Details...

dump truck dinner plate set for kids.

3 Piece Dump Truck Dinner Ware Set for Kids

Similar in concept to the Fire Engine version above. This one is a Dump Truck plate, sectioned off into 3 sections. The molded toy handles on the fork and spoon of this one are dump trucks. I could imagine it being tricky to wash out the little toy dump truck handles if you don't take care of it right after being done with it though. If any food gets hardened in there, good luck. Otherwise, pretty cool. More Details...

Similar Weird Products on this Site

If you are interested in other similar kids eating related things on this site, I have a construction utensils post here, and browse around or search for other cool things. Do you know of any cool or funny dinner ware gadgets that you think could be a "weird product" on my site? Comment below.

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