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Concealed Carry Purse

concealed carry purse

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The concealed carry purse is just like a regular purse but with one big, and potentially life saving difference. The conceal carry purses give you a secret compartment to pack away your gun. As long as you have a conceal to carry license of course. Check your local laws before buying. ...Browse All concealed carry purses here. Of course these concealment purses and bags shown above is just one example of available purses designed to hide a weapon in style. This particular black purse is a best seller and has many customer reviews that you can through. However, many others are available. See more images and details about this purse or others through the following link: ...More details about these concealed carry purses here! Pros: Many good and detailed customer reviews you can read through about this purse or other similar ones through any link you see on this page. Most reviews lean to the positive side and this is a trusted source. Helps women feel safer when carrying a hidden tool of self protection. Cons: Obviously this product would not be for everyone. First you need to be comfortable with a dangerous weapon like a handgun, be licensed, and of course responsible. Read all reviews carefully before purchasing.

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