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Creepy Remote Control Toys

Halloween is around the corner as I am typing this, so it's great timing to talk about creepy crawly scary things. That being said, pranking people and scaring the pants off of them is kind of a year round activity. Almost any type of creepy creature known to man in the real or fantasy world, has a remote control version of it, including snakes, rats, spiders and even zombies. Let's talk about some of the best and most popular ones available online from places like Amazon.

1. Remote Control Snake

remote control snake

What do these buttons mean?

Here is a creepy remote control snake with a snake egg remote. Slither up to someone's pant leg and hope they don't stomp on it and break it. More Details

2. Remote Control Rat

remote control rat


The remote control rat is sure to scare the crap out of most people. If you can complete the effect with mouse and rat noises, it will be ten times scarier. Practice your rat sounds and your voice throwing. More Details

3. Remote Control Zombie

Not much of a prank toy really, but still pretty creepy. The remote control zombie walks like the un-dead and groans like it too. More Details...

4. Remote Control Spider

At first glance, it's sure to freak out even the coolest of cucumbers. Upon second glance, it simply looks like a fuzzy cuddly plush toy that's totally harmless. This radio controlled spider is a Tarantula, and looks creepy.

What do these buttons mean?

5. Remote Control Cockroach

Remote control cockroach


Infrared Remote Control cockroach. It's giant and creepy, but I think an army of smaller ones would be far more effective. More Details...

6. Remote Control Scorpion

Remote control scorpion. How about a remote control scorpion to make you wet yourself in fear? This thing won't sting you though. More Details...

7. Remote Control Rhino Beetle

Remote control rhino beetle. This is not just a beetle, it's a rhino beetle. In case you haven't noticed, the word "rhino" references the giant pointy nose thing it has. It comes in a variety of colors too. More Details...

8. Remote Control Bee

Remote control bee Perhaps this remote control bee is too large and too cartoonish to be creepy for some. It's another one of those "scary at first glance" toys, then you realize it's harmless. More Details...

9. Roboquad

Roboquad remote control robot The roboquad is creepy because I don't know what the heck it's suppose to be. It's like a robot spider dog thing. More Details...

10. Remote Control Kani Crab

Remote control kan crab on plate. The remote control Kani Crab will either creep you out or make you hungry. Real crab grosses me out, so for me, this is more on the creep factor side. More Details...
Remote control cockroach

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