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Beard Beanie Hat

Man up! Instantly! Not only is the beard hat beard beanie funny, but it is actually quite practical and functional.

You will be wearing a conversation starter while keeping warm. The crochet beard hat was invented by a Canadian snowboarder, and if anyone knows about frozen beard hairs, it’s a Canadian.

The hat (hair portion) can easily separate from the beard portion, to be worn as a regular toque or beanie. The beard portion can also be stored inside the hat (hair portion).

original beardo beard hat

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You can order any beard/hat combination including: -Grey Hat & Brown Beard -Black Hat & Blonde Beard -Black Hat & Brown Beard -Black Hat & Ginger Beard -Grey Hat & Black Beard

The Beard hat is not actually made from real sheep wool, it is made from %100 Acrylic Wool. Bless grandma’s heart for her generosity and crochet skills, but the Beard Hat does not itch.

Also, unlike grandma’s homemade version, the original beard hat will always remain full, styled, and warm. You can adjust your beard and hat to up to 5.5 inches, making this a one size fits all product. barbarian beard heat beard hat

For a more ZZ Top look, you can now also get this barbarian style beard hat. This one is much longer to give you that barbarian biker look. This version is available in the brown that you see here, as well as a grey version.

In both cases, you can adjust the beard for a more precise and snug fit to your face. The long beard is braided down the middle, but of course you can change that and customize it however you want. 

kids crochet beard hat

 Why wait for puberty? Now you can get these beard hats in a range of styles for kids of all ages as well. 

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