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Crosley Turntable


Despite all the changes and updates in today’s musical technology, the Crosley Turntable allows you to have hope for the past. Dust off your old records of any size, and enjoy them all.

The one shown here is the black Crosley Turntable mini. It is smaller for portability, but it still plays everything. It uses a diamond stylus, and comes built into a nice case for storage carrying.

crosley turntable

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This Crosley Turntable is the ultimate gift for anyone you know old enough to have a record collection. You don’t even have to worry about what size of records they have. Read more about it or buy it here.

crosley turntable cruiser portable turqoise

The one shown here is called the Crosley cruiser portable player. This is the turqoise version but it also comes in orange, pink, black, blue, red, and tweed. These are 3 speed turntables with portable audio ready aux-in.

The stereo speakers are built in, and it also has RCA output jacks as well as a headphone jack for private use. Read the customer review feedback comments or get one for yourself by clicking on the image. musician 3 speed crosley turntable

They call this one the musician 3 speed Crosley turntable. An elegantly designed wooden music player that brings you back to the old days but also features newer technology.

You can enjoy old school records or the radio. That's not all though, you can also use the cassette player mounted on the side, or plug in your iphone.

This is like having audio through the generations packed up into one wooden box. Read customer reviews or see more product details about this one and others by clicking the image seen here. crosley collegiate usb turntable

This Crosley turntable is another smaller portable version, but this one is USB enabled and it features full range stereo speakers with a durable aluminum grill on the front. This is another record player with a diamond stylus.

Read more about this one and others by clicking the image of it seen here.

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