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Doomed Shot Glass - Crystal Skull Shot glass


It’s not quite like drinking wine from the skulls of your conquered enemies like Nero, but it’s still a pretty cool way to consume some vodka.

Blown glass crystal Skull Shot Glass.

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What you should know about the Doomed Shot Glass Set

The Doomed Crystal Skull Shot glass shown here is hand blown and holds 2.5 ounces. This skull is designed to depict the Mayan skull of doom.

I can't think of anything more opposite of a frilly fruity drink. Be rebellious. 

When you pour your favorite alcohol beverage into the glass it has a cool effect of floating.

Try it with red liquids, and turn down the lights to emphasize the major creep factor. Turn on some death metal music while your at it.  

Skull Shot Glass Pros

Imagine presenting this Doomed Shot Skull to your friends and see their reaction.

You can also use them as jelly molds.

This source will generally ship anywhere internationally in most cases. Individually gift wrapped for shipping. Great idea for Halloween parties. read positive customer reviews.

Skull Shot Glass Cons

While the majority of reviews on this product are very positive, there are several complaints about the material being very thin and perhaps not very sturdy in general. You can read the comments and judge for yourself.

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