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Darts Scorer

electronic darts scorer check price of the darts scorers here. The Darts Scorer allows you to easily keep score of your dart game, and make speed up game play. No more chalk, and no more trying to do math when you are half in the bag.

You can hang the Darts Scorer on the wall or just keep it handy on a table near you. It has the option to plug into the wall or use batteries to hide the cord.

After you throw your darts, you simply press the touch pad of the electronic darts scorer where it coordinates with where your darts landed on the actual dart board. The darts scorer will automatically calculate and record your score. Your opponent will then be prompted to take their turn.

The Darts Scorer is programmed with 24 different games, and you can play with multiple players, or play alone.

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arachnid 8 player touch pad dart scorer This darts scorer is made by Arachnid which is the same brand that puts out the darts scorer talked about above. The main difference between this one and the one above is that this scorer will track up to 8 players, and the one above only tracks 4 players. This touch pad darts scorer is programmed to handle up to 18 different games including count up, Hi-score, round the clock, and many more. It also includes an audio voice function that prompts the next player when it's their turn, as well as an LCD screen that displays scores and player rankings. Click the image seen here for a whole lot more detail on this darts scorer and others. You will also be able to read customer review comments, and even watch a demonstration video. ez drinker shots darts toy For more darts and bar related fun, you may be interested in a novelty darts game like this one shown here. This is nothing but a drinking game built around darts. This is called the EZ drinker shot darts bar toy and drinking game. You will get 4 shot glasses and 4 magnetic darts. Of course they are magnetic because drunks should not have access to pointy objects. The dart board is also magnetic. The various sections of the dart board give specific instructions on what you should do with your drink. See the image for details. Get more information about this dart board or get one for yourself, or as a gag gift, by clicking the image you see here.

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