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Designer Dog Beds

designer dog beds check price of the designer dog beds here.

The Designer Dog Beds example shown here is just one good example of many. You check out a lot more designer and luxury dog beds (as well as regular pet beds and supplies) through the following link: Browse all Designer Dog Beds here.

This one example of Sheri brand Designer Dog Beds to the left is a money saver, due to the fact that it is a 2 in 1 pet bed. As you can see in the image, it can be used as a dog house or cat house, or you can squish down the roof to make a quick dog bed. You can see more images or a video of this through the following link: Read More About Them or Buy Them Here!


Great customer reviews that you can read through the provided links you see on this page. You can select from various sizes to meet the needs of your pet. Use it for cats or dogs. The inner cushion can be removed for easy cleaning. Serves two different purposes all in one. Comes in more designs than just the leopard print you see here.


The only negative comment on this exact product, at the time of typing this, was regarding the size being too small for their pet, and it only got used maybe once.

The customer reviews on this item are overwhelmingly positive, so I guess the only word of caution I could come up with for this one, is that there is a chance your pet may not like it, which means a possible waste of money. Of course that could be said about virtually any product designed for a pet.

More Designer Dog Beds Clickable Images

classic paws sandy beach designer dog beds I know what you are thinking. Why are you showing a picture of a regular bed on a page about pet beds? Well, this is actually a pet bed that resembles a large human bed. This is the Classic Paws Sandy Beach pet bed. It has a raised design to bring your dog above the cold floor, and it has an elegant look to it. The finish on the wood is done using pet friendly chemicals. Read more about this designer dog bed and other pet bed options by clicking the image of the bed seen here. You will find beds for both large dogs and small dogs.

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