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DIY Ukulele Kit

All you need for tools is a drill for a couple pilot holes, a Phillips screwdriver and some wood glue. A clamp is recommended not needed, to hold some parts together for drying the glue. 

The Ukulele parts come as unfinished wood, so you have the option to style it any way you wish. You can paint it, stain it, stick stickers to it, or just leave it alone.

diy ukulele kit

check price of the diy ukulele kits here.

The DIY ukulele kit you see here is only one type available. Check out all homemade ukulele kits through the following link:

Browse all DIY Ukulele Kits here.

As for the example you see here this DIY ukulele kit comes with everything you need to build a Ukulele at home. Why pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars at a music store for a musical instrument?

Create a real playable ukulele and customize it to your own style. This kit is a great idea for a project with your kids. The entire process should only take about 3 hours give or take.

The DIY Ukulele Kit comes with the following items: 1 box that includes all the ukulele components seen in the image. The complete ukulele will be a 4 stringed instrument that plays for real. Read More About it or Buy it Here.

Customize them however you want it. Many other types of kits available. Good customer reviews. It’s a real ukulele that really plays.

Mostly for mature kids only. Small children may not have the patience, as this is a several hour project at minimum. Only for the right audience.

ukulele pegs diy parts

Along with complete DIY ukulele kits, you can also buy individual parts and pieces for your homemade ukulele kit. Seen here is an example of four ukulele pegs complete with white knobs.

Check out more information about these pegs, or read through the many customer feedback comments by clicking this image. You will also find a bunch of other individual parts and accessories for making your home made ukulele.

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