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Dog Coats and Jackets - Funny and Designer Dog Coats

Dog Coats are just like human jackets, but of course, they are designed to be worn by dogs.

This is a great gift idea for anyone you know who has a dog, or you can just get it for your own dog.

You can get winter dog coats in a wide variety of sizes and styles, or just find casual and designer pet jackets. The pet jacket in the image is the “Fashion Pet” Suede Shearling dog coat. This one has a massive amount of positive customer reviews, but there are many others to pick from.

dog coats

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After choosing from the wide selection, you can select pretty much any size to fit your dog. They make them in a range of sizes to fit smaller dogs and larger dogs.

zack zoey blanket pet coat

One highly rated and highly effective pet coat is the one shown here. This is a pet blanket dog coat from Zack and Zoey.

You can select the right size for your particular animal. Various sizes are available. The outer lining is water resistant and cuts down on the wind, while the interior lining is a soft plaid fleece.

Very easy to put on and remove and you can adjust them for a perfect fit every time. These pet coats are machine washable, which is very handy indeed. See more details about this dog coat and many other pet coat options by clicking the image seen here.

blue snuggie for dogs

You have likely seen the Snuggie. Now they are apparently for dogs as well as humans. These are described as the blanket coat with sleeves.

You can adjust them for a proper snug fit. These are super soft fleece blankets with sleeve openings so your pet can be pet free.

The one pictured here is the small, but you can select other sizes based on your dog's needs. You can wash these in the washing machine just like the ones discussed above.

Click the image you see here for more pictures and details. You will also find a bunch of customer feedback comments that you can read through to help you make a good buying decision.

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