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Dogbrella Pet Umbrella

The Dogbrella Umbrella for dogs is one of those crazy internet things that you see floating around Facebook, Instragram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. You get a quick glimpse of it, and say to yourself "Oh My God, that's so dumb, what a goofy useless invention. People are stupid these days!" But then you stop for a second a think about it. Ya it's kinda goofy and all, but it does make perfect sense doesn't it? Of course it all depends on your particular dog or breed and how wimpy they are. Some large lumbering hunting dog doesn't care about the moisture, he'll just run into the slough, and come back out dripping in mud and filthy water with a duck in his mouth. However, a little yappy miniature dog can be a bit more finicky. If this sounds like your dog, then maybe it's not such a bad idea at all.

Clear dogbrella dog umbrella for smaller dogs. This Dogbrella Umbrella is designed for smaller sized dogs.

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The Dogbrella keeps your dog nice and dry while you walk in the rain. Obviously a combination of the words "dog umbrella". However, these are made for pets of other kinds and sizes. A down pour is no longer an excuse to stay inside and not get your exercise. Shown above is just one example, and they come in different sizes and styles. This first Dogbrella shown here is the clear 28.3 inches in diameter Dog umbrella with a leash folding assembly. This one is from the Lesypet brand.

The advan tage of the clear Dogbrella is not just that you can see your dog, which is in itself a handy thing, it's also to not block your dog's vision of their surroundings, so as to not make them nervous or jumpy with strangers or other dogs that suddenly come into view.

Dogbrella Pros:

One good plus side is the cleanliness. We mentioned how your precious wimpy dog might want to keep dry, but even if he or she doesn't really care about that, you may care about dirty paw prints on the kitchen floor. Review ratings are somewhat mixed but lean a bit more to the upside. The Dogbrella does as advertised and keeps water and snow off your dog.

Dogbrella Cons:

Some people noted that the material is a bit cheap and on the flimsy side. Another customer has pointed out that the leash was just a little too long and the dog would get a bit wet when it attempts to check out a tree where the umbrella will not fit. Read all reviews good and bad for yourself through the links provided above.

Whether you need a doggie umbrella or a cat umbrella, or some other type of pet covering device, simply click through any of the links or images to get started.

More Dogbrella options

30 inch diamter clear dogbrella umbrella A slightly larger in diameter clear Dogbrella option.

Dogbrella for Slightly Larger Dogs

This one claims to be 30 inches in diameter, which is not that much larger than the one discussed above, hover that extra little bit of size could make all the difference in the world to a slightly larger dog. It's hard to see much difference in the images. As you can see, the leash attaches to the umbrella mechanism and operates as a single unit. They could have also called this a "leash-brella" basically. It comes with all the pieces necessary including the leash. I also like that the leash has a cane like handle for easier holding. More Details...

pink dogbrella dog umbrella The pink Dogbrella dog umbrella. Other colors available as well.

Colorful Design Dogbrellas

I tried to find what was available for various different colors and pattern designs, besides the clear dogbrellas. I'm noticing a pattern here. The clear seems to make the most sense for reasons we already talked about, so there are not a lot of other vision blocking designs and decor. Even this pink umbrella is largely transparent. You can get this same version in orange, black, or blue. The orange and blue are transparent like this pink one, but the black is the only one that seems to block any sight. Maybe you want Fido's side site to be blocked and maybe you don't. It's up to you I guess.

Non transparent black dogbrella with yellow leash handle. The black Dogbrella is only a little bit see through.

Almost Transparent Black Dogbrella

Here is the black dogbrella I mentioned above. The blackness makes it not near as transparent as the ones above, but you can see in the image that you can still sorta see through. It does look way cooler though with the yellow cane shaped handle at the end of the leash. If you take your dog on long walks during the night when it's dark you, perhaps this isn't the best option. Unless of course you buy some reflective tape for it and for own clothing. Stay safe out there! More Details...

leashless pet umbrella saddle for small dogs. The red version of the Seymour umbrella saddle system.

Leashless Pet Umbrellas

Feeling a tad bit lazy, and it's raining outside, but the dog needs to go out? This is the perfect solution to your dilemma. From the Seymour brand, it's a saddle system that attaches to an adjustable little umbrella. He looks super pleased about this experience. At least he will stay dry outside. This one is the red version obviously, but it also comes in a beige, a pink, and a grey. Basically, you simply saddle up your pup with the vest, and the umbrella is folded up and attached to the back. Once the vest part is on, you just lift up the umbrella that's attached with a hinge mechanism, then open up the umbrella itself, and that's it, you are in he can do his business. I don't think this is something you would want to just leave on your pet at all times, it's just for occasional use or if you are hanging out outside and your dog doesn't really need a leash. It seems pretty awkward for him or her to just wear around whenever. More Details...

dog raincoat rain slicker. A raincoat specifically designed for your dog.

Doggy Raincoat

I saw this and figured I might add it too. I;m not sure how practical this is, you tell me. Comment below and let me know. This is a dog coat rain slicker thing designed and shaped specifically for dogs. It has a few positive reviews on Amazon, so I dunno, I guess someone thinks it's a good idea. They come in different sizes and colors. At least there's a handy little open back side for doing their business, and it doesn't cover the snout, which is probably a good thing. More Details...

cat umbrella pet bed The pink cat umbrella pet bed to keep your feline dry and shady.

Umbrella Cat Pet Bed Thingy

Why should we let dogs have all the fun? This is the umbrella cat bed. As far as the debates between cat people and dog people go, I will just say this. At least with the dogbrellas, the dogs are actually being active and going out for a walk rain or shine, unlike little miss entitled sunshine here. More Details...

More Pet Pampering Ideas

Want more ideas on how to spoil your dog way beyond what harsh mother nature intended? I have a couple other similar posts on these topics, such as designer dog beds for when they come in from the rain, and dog coats for winter.

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