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Drivemocion LED Car Lights - (Middle Finger Car Light and More)

The Drivemocion LED car signs will help you express yourself. You can express yourself using emoji styled faces or a very crude middle finger car light.

drivemocion led car signs

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Drivemocion LED Car Signs

The Drivemocion LED car signs come in a couple different versions. It depends on the brand that makes them. browse all Drivemocion LED car signs here.

The version depicted in the image to the left, is my personal favorite because of the “flipping of the bird” so to speak. It depicts the middle finger. Not all versions include this feature.

Of course, there are many other Drivemocion options that will allow you to thank others for letting you into a lane, or for general positive communication on the roads, making the world a much better place. However, let’e be honest here. If you are anything like me, the middle finger LED light could likely burn out long before the others.

You may find a few negative reviews on amazon. I looked into it, and it seems that they are predominantly because the suction cup that sticks to the window may not stick all that great. As far as the rest of the product itself goes, it seems to be pretty cool.

Speaking for myself, If the suction cup is a bit of an issue, I will gladly find a way around that, given the massive upside of this LED sign concept. In fact, I have wondered for a long time if such a products exists. If I had a nickel for every time I could have sent a message to a fellow motorist on the fly, I would be a very rich man! I’ll duct tape it to the window if I have to.

The remote control can also be suctioned to the front window if you want to. The remote reaches up to 10 meters, which is plenty good for placing the led sign on the back window.

Of course, you may need to check local laws about these things before purchasing.

LED Remote Controlled Scrolling Signs

led car sign

Another great option for motorist communication is some sort of programmable words LED sign to display whatever message you want, rather than use images.

The one on the left is an example, but there are many types available here. Once again, you would have to check local laws.

This one allows for programmable words with many remote control options. See all options or browse through a variety of other LED car sign options by clicking the image seen here.

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