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Duck Tape Wallet AKA Duct Tape Wallet

Some people refer to it as a Duck Tape wallet, or a duct tape wallet. Duck tape is a brand name, duct tape is the product itself.

Either way, everyone knows what you mean. These wallets are a hot seller with good reviews and a very unique idea.

You can get various different styles. This particular Duct tape wallet is a classic bi fold design with 4 credit card slots, an ID window, and a grommet to attach a chain.

Duct Tape Wallet

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More durable than it looks. A hot seller with mostly positive reviews. Very unique gift idea. A grommet to attach a chain.

Many other Duck tape wallets to choose from besides this one, from the same source.

 A few customer feedback comments mentioned some lacking design features such as the top credit card slot not being deep enough, and the grommet preventing the wallet from opening wide enough to accept bills.

However, you can read all reviews yourself and make up your own mind, or browse through the other duct tape wallet options available through any of the links on this page.

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