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Egg Timer

egg timer

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An Egg Timer can be found in various styles. The good old fashioned timer version, as well as some cool kitchen gadgetry types that are available these days.

Browse all kinds of Egg Timer options through the following link: Browse all Egg Timers here.

The Egg Timer shown here is more than just a standard timer. This is the Norpro Egg Rite Egg Timer Rather than just set a timer and wait, you can adjust this egg shaped timer for altitude, egg size and how cooked you want the egg to be. You place it straight into the water with the real eggs.

If the Egg Timer shows that it is “done” than your real eggs must be done as well. Read more about them, or buy them here.

As for this exact Egg Timer shown here, the customer reviews are mostly positive.

You can read all reviews good and bad through the links found on this page. The obvious positive about this egg timer concept is the fact that it detects the readiness of your eggs based on detecting actual variables, rather just a vague timer that only tracks time.

Eggs are not created equal in size, and boiling water varies in different altitudes.

At the time of typing this there wasn't much for major issues.

Perhaps there are some more informative negative comments to go off of now. Read through all reviews through the links on this page.

kikkerland penguin kitchen timer

You could also go with the good old fashioned standard kitchen timer option as well. They come in all kinds of designs and interesting shapes.

This one here is a penguin timer, but they make just about any animal or bug. These are steel on the outside and plastic on the inside and track time up to 3 minutes.

Simply turn his head to the time you want to track. Makes for a great egg timer or a kitchen timer in general, and as an added bonus, it also provides extra counter top or table top decoration.

See more information about this penguin timer or browse through many others by clicking the image you see here.

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