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Piano Key Necktie - Real Playable Keyboard Ties

Be a hit at the next office party, or just super annoying! Make music with your attire. 

At least for once the sounds escaping from your clothing may actually be pleasant in nature.

The real playable piano tie could be a great gift, costume accessory, or just silly fun at a social gathering.

electronic piano tie

 check price of the electronic piano tie here.

The Electronic Piano Tie is a real wearable tie, that is also a real and playable keyboard. It comes with 8 keys ranging from ‘C’ to ‘C’, you can play pretty much any basic melody or create your own. The knot at the top of the piano tie is where the speakers are located.

This Piano Tie is flexible just like a real tie, so it is not some stiff solid keyboard that would be awkward to wear. The batteries are included.

musical piano tie amazon This musical piano tie is basically the exact same one as the one shown above, but the above version links to a really cool website called that you should check out because it is a great site. However, this one will link to amazon if you feel more comfortable with that option. These electronic piano ties are playable for real. There are 8 notes that are playable by the touch. The sound comes out of the necktie speaker. You may not be able to play an entire symphony, but you will have enough notes to play many basic songs or create your own. Click the image for a lot more detail. piano bow tie This example here is not an electronic playable tie, but it is a piano bow tie. This is a real bow tie that would go great for a musical related event. It is quirky and classy all at the same time. Click the image for more details about this one and other similar piano related apparel. piano suspenders Another non playable piano related apparel example is this combo set shown here. It includes the piano bow tie talked about above, and also a set of decorative piano suspenders with piano keys all the way along the whole thing. These suspender combo sets come in more patterns aside from the piano example shown here. They also come in gold sequins, mustache patterns, and many others. Find more details and camera angles of this combo set as well as many others by clicking the image.

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