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Emergency Phone Charger

The Emergency Phone Charger is a simple product, but it would be totally awesome and handy for those emergency situations. Place a ‘AA’ battery into the Emergency Phone Charger and plug it into your cell phone. A single battery will get you up to 2 hours of extra charge to get you through.

Keep a few ‘AA’ batteries around and you will be fine for a long while. You can use your phone while the phone is hooked up to the charger, without interruptions.

emergency phone charger

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The emergency phone charger is perfectly safe for your phone, and will not do harm to the electronics in any way. I think this is much more than just a weird product, or a neat gadget. I genuinely believe that everyone should have at least one of these for emergencies. Pack a couple of these phone chargers with the adapters in your car emergency kit, or in your survival kit at home.

Obviously, you would also need to keep some fresh batteries in with it. For the relatively low cost, and super small compacting ability of these emergency phone chargers, I think you would be stupid not to have at least one. In fact, I just put in my order for a couple right before typing this. I just hope nothing crazy happens in the mean time while it’s in the mail! Perfect gift idea for someone who already has everything. You never know when something like this may come in handy!

More information or buy this emergency phone charger here

emergency dynamo solar self powered emergency charger

This example is much more than just an emergency phone charger. This is the Dynamo brand solar and self powered emergency power kit. You can definitely charge your cell phone with it, but you can also do much more than that. This is a combination gadget that is solar powered as well as self powered using cranking mechanisms.

This is a charger, a flashlight, and am/fm radio and usb device charger. You will never require batteries or any external power source in an emergency since you could just crank this thing up at will. This particular example comes in pairs as a 2 pack. Click the image of the two chargers for a lot more product details as well as information on how to buy them.

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