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Everything You Need for Glamping (Luxury Camping)

Glamping Definition

The first thing we need to do is explain what glamping is. The word is a combination of "glamorous" and "camping". It is basically luxurious camping, because it is (insert current year), and we are wimps that are far removed from the World War 2 generation.

We all have a friend (or maybe it's you), who says "I don't like camping, I hate the bugs and I need my showers and wifi". Glamping is a good way to eliminate at least some of those excuses and convince them to come along. Assuming you want to spend the weekend with a complaining, whiny adult.

What You Will Need to Glamp

Planning a glamping trip is not much different than planning a regular camping trip. Start with the basic necessities of life and drill down from there. The same way you would organize your budget expenses, we consider the following categories:

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Utilities

Where to Glamp

Before we pack our supplies, we need to decide where we are going to camp in style. You can glamp anywhere you would normally camp, but you can also choose a high end location with fancy amenities and more. The best way to figure that out is to visit Glamping Hub.

If you don't making do with a typical camp site, that's fine too. We will move on.

Glamping Shelter

Once we are at our campsite, we need to set up shop to stay safe and comfortable from the elements. If you are working with a high budget, then obviously you would simply buy a fancy R.V. like these RVs here.

I know most people reading this do not fall into that category, that's mostly just for fun and to dream about winning the lotto someday. For the rest of, let's take a look at glamping tents!

Glamping Tents

When it comes to tents and luxury, the main two features are material and size. The material will protect you from all elements. The size allows you to fit more cool things in it.

This one is the waterproof Dream House with galvanized poles and mosquito screens. You can get them up to 5 meters across.

This is the Wenzel Klondike 8 person tent. This is great for glamping because it has a covered entry way to keep the rest of the tent clean. It's also for sleeping extra people. You will also need an air mattress that is strong and durable, but also easy to inflate. This is the windcatcher air mattress. Easy to inflate. Watch a video of it here.

Glamping Food

Easy preparation and staying with your regular dietary preferences, are the main considerations for eating while camping. For this, you can get pre-packaged camping food with specific ingredients.

This is the Palisade Pineapple Mango gluten free paleo camping meal. These are freeze dried foods, so just add hot water. You can get similar foods tailored to your preferences, such as vegan etc.

Glamping Utilities

To avoid missing the comforts of home, we need to duplicate the basic utilities. Mainly, we need power and heat. For the most part, we can achieve that with a fire. But wait, I thought we were glamping. Starting a fire can take time, and I might have to go gather dry twigs for kindling and I might get dirt under my finger nails. No worries. There are plenty of fire starting options that minimize the difficulty level, such as these fire starters that require no kindling.

Ok so we have some heat and light, but you can't magically charge your smartphone with a campfire. Oh wait, YES YOU CAN! Well...slowly. Check out this charger that uses the campfire for power that I already have elsewhere on this site.

Ok, technically you are starting a new small fire for this, but still, it's pretty neat.

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