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Extendable Fly Swatter - Telescoping Fly Swatter Review

The extendable fly swatter is a great innovation on an old reliable tool. How many years did it take for someone to finally say "I wish I could adjust the handle on this thing"? 

I don't know about you, but I like the idea of slapping bugs dead from as far away as I possibly can. Especially the bugs that bite and sting. 

We bought one of these telescoping fly swatters (or slappers, if that's what you call them), from a local grocery store, and I really like it. It allows me to more easily sneak up on those pesky flies. After all, they have a lot more eyes than I do, and I can use any advantage I can get my hands on.

It's also great for my daughter who is obviously shorter than I am. This gives her a bit of an arm extension to reach those high up little buggers!

 extendable fly swatter hand shapes blue.

This one is a blue telescoping hand shaped fly swatter that opens up to a length of 29 inches. Most of these extension swatters are in that typical range of 28 or 29 inches. 

The main difference you will find are shapes and colors, and they are usually inexpensive as you can get multipacks for under $10 in some cases.

Where to Buy Telescoping Fly Swatters?

You might find these slappers in your local Dollar Store or supermarket, which be the quickest and cheapest way to get slapping. But if not, then there's always good old Amazon.
Get an Extendable Fly Swatter from Amazon here.

Extendable Fly Swatter options

Colors, and shapes and sizes oh my! I'll spare you all the boring details and specs. Simply go through that Amazon link above I shared (it's an affiliate link, and I will make a bit of money if you buy anything, no extra cost to you, thanks).

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