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Fatboy Hammock

The Fatboy Hammock is a “2 man” double hammock. Or two women, or a woman and a man, or an adult and 2 small children if they stay still.

Actually, the weight restriction of the Fatboy is 330 lbs. So depending on weight, you may even get up to 3 people on there safely. I’m not going to ask why you would do that, but it’s an option.

The Fatboy Double Hammock is a free standing design, which means it is portable and you can put it anywhere you want in the yard, or take it with you on a camping trip.

fatboy double hammock

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This is not the old fashioned style of hammock where you need to string it up between two trees, then hope you don’t bust your spine on the ground if you roll over. Gilligan wishes he had one of these.

You can get the Fatboy Hammock in 14 different colors, and also includes a matching round pillow. Both the hammock and the round pillow are made from a water resistant material to make it safe and long lasting outdoors.

The double hammock can be easily assembled, and dismantled for portability.

fatboy headdemock pillow

This here is the Headdemock Fatboy pillow that will be included with your double hammock discussed above.

However, you can also purchase these individual if you need extras or a replacement. Obviously, this one is black, but they also come in many other colors like brown, red, green, orange and many others.

Basically, you can get any color of Fatboy pillow to match the color and design of your double Fatboy hammock. Click the image of this pillow to find more information about these pillows and other similar products. trek light gear double hammock

Shown here is not a Fatboy double hammock, but a competing and somewhat similar hammock product. This is made from a company called Trek Light Gear.

You can comfortably fit two adult people in the hammock without worrying about tipping out. The hammock color pictured here is just one of many available colors.

Click the image of this hammock to find more details and to read product review comments. Most of which are positive, as this seems to be a very popular double hammock option.

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