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Fetus Cookie Cutter


Be the creepiest baby shower host ever, by baking fetus cookies with this fetus cookie cutter.

Cut the cookies into fetus shapes and slap on a chocolate or candy eye. Then serve to your guests and await they’re reactions.

Fetus cookie cutter cookie result baked.

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The Fetus Cookie Cutter will Teach You Who Your Real Friends Are!

You will find out which of them don’t have a sense of humor, and which ones think the fetus cookie cutter is hilarious. Then you can observe how many start eating the fetus cookie from the head first, or the feet first.

An interesting debate can then ensue, regarding which end would be the most humane. On the one hand, if you start eating the fetus cookie from the feet first, it would be cruel because if it were real, it would be able to still feel the pain. On the other hand, if you started eating the fetus cookie from the head first, it would just seem aggressive and wrong.

Either way, it is cannibalistic, creepy, just plain wrong...and let’s face it, just plain funny (in a sick and twisted way).

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If this weird fetus cookie cutter is not enough for you, you may also consider fetus gummies, seen below.

Suggestion: The fetus cookie cutter also opens the door to fun possibilities for your baby shower.

For example, you could insert some sort of long stringy thing (preferably edible) into one of the fetus cookies, and the person who gets the fetus cookie with the “umbilical cord” wins a prize. Just a thought. Kinda gross though!

 Similar to the Fetus Cookie Cutter:

Gummy Fetus

Another baby shower idea related to fetuses is a gummy fetus like the one you see pictured here. If you don't have time to bake using cookie cutters like the one shown above, you can buy several packs of these cherry flavored gummy fetuses and hand them out at the party.  

More Baby Shower Food Preparation Ideas

This one is technically not a fetus, but it is another good idea for baby showers. This is a silicone mold for creating cake toppers that look just like newborn babies.

silicone baby fetus mold

In Conclusion

Baby showers are supposed to be fun. Explore your inner dirty jokster with all kinds of baby shower games and fetus related accessories. 

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