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Finger Drums

Finger Drums are the perfect cure for your fidgeting habits around the office. These desktop drum kits come in two colors. Purple or Red. The finger drums are electronic and respond to the tapping of your fingers to play back the associated sound.


What Do These Buttons Mean?


Real Desktop Finger Drums


finger drums

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The kit includes: Large tom tom, small tom tom, snare drum, bass drum, and cymbal.

Finger Drums are set up with a few different settings. You can just play freestyle. You can record your drum playing skills and play them back. There is also a demo setting that will show you how it’s done.

finger beats finger drums

This small drum set toy is called Finger Beats. You can play the drum set seen in the image by pressing on the associated drums. The device will produce real drum sounds and you can play live or record and playback your creation. Another thing that makes this unique compared to the finger drums shown above, is the headphone jack option. You can plug in your headphones to keep the sounds to yourself. Perfect for a car ride or any situation where you want to entertain yourself without disturbing others. Click the image for more details and how to buy them today. You will also find customer review ratings and comments there. This example can be used as both finger drums or drum stick drums. It comes with a set of small drum sticks. This is a desktop drum kit. As the name suggests, it simply sits on your desk and makes for a cool decoration, but it also plays for real. Creates fairly realistic drum sounds considering it is just a small novelty toy. Read more about this drum kit and stand by clicking the image seen here.

finger drums android app

You can also get finger drums in the digital world as well. Clicking this image here will take you to a source that has an Android app called Finger Drums. It is completely free, but you get what you pay for so to speak. There are a few customer comments that were negative on this particular finger drum kit app. However, you can also find many other apps ranging from free to not free with varying quality levels. Again, just click the image shown here to start browsing the available drum kit apps.

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