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Best Fishing Backpack and Backpacks with Rod Holders

The Fishing tackle backpack is specially designed for traveling with everything you need for fishing. The one you are seeing on this page is just one example of an available design. 

This Fishing Backpack is the Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack with Four Trays. Safely pack away all your tackle and other fishing tools. 

fishing backpack

 check price of the fishing backpack here.

Many good choices besides just this one. Also available are fishing tackle bags that are not backpack styled. Great customer reviews on most. Easier to pack around than a typical tackle box.

I couldn't find any glaring flaws on this exact design. In fact the current customer reviews shows nothing less than 4 stars out of 5.

More Fishing Backpack options 

tackletime fishing backpack

This fishing backpack is from the TackleTime brand. Very lightweight the compartments are designed specifically to hold all your tackle as well as other supplies such as drinks and snacks.

fishing rod case organizer

This product sort of passes as a fishing backpack, but it is more of an organizer. This is the fishing rod case organizer.

You can fit 5 fishing rods around the outside, and also several more on the inside. There is also pockets and space to store various other fishing supplies and fishing rod accessories.

It comes with a very handy shoulder strap to easily carry around your fishing rods without damaging them. Click the image shown here for a lot more details about this product as well as how to buy one.

glacier glove river pack blue

This fishing backpack is the blue version of the Glacier Glove river pack. It includes a changing mat to keep dry from the elements as well as compartments to keep shoes. It is also equipped fish a fishing rod holder on the side.

The fishing rod holding tube shown in this picture is not actually included, it is there for demonstration purposes only. Click the image of this river pack for a lot more details and how to get one for yourself today.

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