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Flexible Pencil

The flexible pencil is a fun and practical office tool. Not only is it a functioning pencil and eraser, it is also flexible and fun to play with.

Being flexible means it is a stress reliever in the office. So rather than jab a regular non flexible pencil into a coworker’s eyeball, you can bend and twist this 12” flexible pencil into knots and count to ten until the feeling subsides.

You can get a flexible pencil in blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow.

blue flexible pencil

 check price of the flexible pencils here.


The flexible pencil will prevent you from stabbing out an eyeball when you are stressed. You can get a bunch of assorted flexible pencils for relatively cheap. They write for real and will give your hands something to do if you are a fidgeting person like me.
You might still be able to strangle someone with it. I honestly could not find any glaring issues with this particular product at the time of typing this. Click the links and images throughout this page to get more product details and to read various customer review comments.

colorful magic flexible bendy pencil for kids

The flexible pencils seen here are basically the same concept of the ones talked about above.

These are made from a competing brand and are more colorful. As you see in this image they come in several different two color combination options.

You can buy them in 3 packs that include the flexible pencils you see pictured here. Click this image for more details and camera angles.

neon glitter flexible pencils

Seen here is yet another competing flexible pencil option. However, these ones are more than just colorful, they are neon glitter.

They write just like the ones discussed above and are perfect for small kids to have fun while they write or doodle. However, be sure to read all customer review comments before ordering.

You will notice that many people have reported that these ones do not write all that great, and they are apparently difficult to sharpen. Read all reviews good and bad by clicking the picture shown here and judge for yourself.

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